Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lunch observations

The artists come in for lunch. The actors, directors, designers refill on coffee, water, snacks and beer. Scripts and run plots are in hand, the first desperate attempt at memorizing and feeling prepared, however mildly. The band sits to the side, shoveling in food as fast as they can, knowing they still have a lot more work ahead.

Veteran actor Seanjohn Walsh sits alone, munching a sandwich, capitalizing on a much-needed break, which I interrupt for my own selfish gain. Walsh is recovering from, quote: "an accidental physically improvised, self-inflicted head injury" that occurred during last night's 10:30 performance. When asked how today's show will differ, he replies "It's a bit lighter today. I get to MFA today." But knowing what I know to expect of Seanjohn, i'd be surprised if he comes offstage without a bruise, at least.

I wander downstairs to see what action is taking place...downstairs...ahem. Shawn Belyea sits behind the operating board in the TOJ light booth. Belyea is going through the light plot he's designed for tonight's show. I mused on Belyea's position here at 14/48 and asked, "Shawn, is there a hat you haven't worn for 14/48?" "I've never been a writer," he replied. "Would you like to be someday?" "Yeah, but I'm sure I'd write something horrible. It'd be 3:30 in the morning, I'd have written nothing so far, and I'd think, 'how about a bunch of people in diapers having a poop fight?' It wouldn't be substantive, but it'd be entertaining." Please God, please let Shawn Belyea write for 14/48 someday.

Walking outside, I run into virgin actor Dan Brockley running his lines and veteran band member Eray Anderson being, well, Eray. When asked how his first weekend has gone so far, Brockley says "The best way to introduce yourself into 14/48 is being in a show with Brandon Whitehead and Seanjohn Walsh. Nothing could be more chaotic and entertaining." Head wounds aside, I can only imagine. And Eray, when asked how things are going as of now, very astutely announced "We...right now...are in the middle of it..." Well put, mon frere...

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