Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Notes

- Parking is going to be something, fyi.

- Big thanks to Deb F. for the loan of the laptop.

- Expect some quotes from Brandon Whitehead.

- If you decide to come to the International District early, know that the neighborhood is truly supportive of the theater here. So, if you decide to have dinner close by, mention that you're seeing 14/48 at Theater Off Jackson. Help us show our love for the area. Tons of eating options up here, you know.

- 6 pages = 5 pages and a dream ballet.

- Tim Hyland advises directors that a one day rehearsal process may not be the best venue to use Viewpoint.

- Brian Faker will kill the playwright who turns in a play about the Project Runway finale. Melizabeth Eller will kill playwrights who do not turn in a play about the Project Runway finale.

- Deb Fialkow's impassioned plea to actors and directors to use this venue to go supernova is inspiring.

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