Friday, July 30, 2010

Late Night Check In W/Becky Bruhn

TBO: How's the writing going? Didn't you get all men again?

Becky Bruhn: Yes, I got three men again. Always. It's my 14/48 curse.

And the thing is, men don't talk to each other. On the plus side, when they do talk to each other, the stakes are usually pretty clear.

TBO: I thought writing for men was easy. Just end every sentence with "bro," and toss in a "f-ing" or "g--damn" every third word.

Becky Bruhn: Oooh! Thanks for the man tip. I'm on it! :-)


(egg) said...

No shit - all men AGAIN, huh? I actually guess it's not so surprising, considering the M to F actor ratio this weekend.

Paul Mullin said...

As a man AND a playwright I find this string of commentary . . .

Ah . . . fuck it. . . . I'm too hungover and horny to care.

JJisafool said...

Heh. She said "man tip"