Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tech show #1, Ramon Esquivel's "Boom"

The actors pace the house, chanting their lines under their breath. Gary Menendez has constructed what can only be called, as he puts it, a "talking heads mask". It looks like a medieval stockade built for four people.

Mik Kuhlman starts directing hard and fast--getting the band going and the actors practicing with the strange new prop (that they've never seen until this moment, and are adapting to nicely).

Shawn Belyea works on the lights above Mik as she goes through the multitude of sound effects with the band, politely shushing the actors as they keep trying to go over their lines.

Seven minutes left, the next show has moved into the house. Mik, the cast, and the band go over last second choreography, timing out lights and sound for the opening image and the final moment, promises of "we'll work on that later" are made, aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd......... TIME!

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