Saturday, July 31, 2010

Notes From The AL/Blog Desk

The Artist Liasion office is sort of the liver of the 14/48 weekend. If you have something that needs fixing, come in and mention it, and if they can't help you right away, they will at least help you get the ball rolling toward a solution.

Mik Kuhlman comes in giggling. Peter: What do you need, Mik?

Mik: A couple more hours. (Laughs.)

The discussion goes into the large number of accents that Matt Shimkus came up with for the show she's directing, Ramon Esquivel's Boom.

Brian Faker comes in minutes later.

"How's it going, Faker?"

"You know, my days of taking it easy on them are over." Yeah? "Gone are the days of having them build submarines and mermaids...This is a show (Wes Andrews' And Nothing Too) I could do submarines and mermaids with. So, I asked for three music stands." Okay. "Apparently this is a problem."

Peter: Oh, I'm about to get them now.

Brian: Really?

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evergreenplace said...

I believe the design team would rather build submarines and create mermaids, onsite, than run around collecting props and pieces....just sayin'