Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tech show #6, Jerry Kraft's "On Matters of Estate"

Director M. Elizabeth Eller starts her tech with a cue to cue with a hope of running the whole piece after. Luckily, the band is only needed at the top and end.

I watched a rehearsal for this piece earlier in the day and was really quite impressed and I've been excited to see this tech all day.

So far the tech is simple. Lights and sound up, lights and sound down. Easy peasy. The emphasis is the script and the actors, like all good two-hander plays should be.

Eller, after hearing the band's rendition of "Why Can't We Be Friends?" announces "Band -- I want to have your babies." I wish I could say who, but someone calls back "You can have mine!"

The actors struggle with their lines, and Eller tells them to "push through it", hoping they'll find their way. Two-handers are hard, this one especially, and actors David Anthony Lewis and Deb Pralle are doing a damn good job of pushing to the next beat. I can only imagine how stressful the next few hours before show time will be for them. A lot of lines to memorize, and a lot of emotions to delve. Good luck, guys.

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