Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello from the Shusher!

Howdy 1448 fans!
Meghan here. I have a VERY important job tonight. I have been assigned the official 1448 Shusher. I have a hat.
It says Shhhh....

I will be sitting backstage as a visual deterant to the NOISE MAKERS aka actors.
Because backstage just has a little curtain flap separating it from the actual stage.
And there is no where in this lovely historic building that you can make noise without people hearing.

So I am also going to blog while I am here, YAY! About 30 minutes ago it was completely quite and now there all sorts of last minute reminders being thrown out and severl people memorizing lines. Lots of belching for some reason as well.

The band is together and grooving to the preshow music.
Someone realized they left their beer out there and it is now lost to the open house. I think there was tears. I made that up. But it was a deeply sad moment never the less.

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