Friday, January 8, 2010

working stiffs

Right now:
  • Directors are confabbing with writers, either excitedly or cautiously depending on how they feel about theie first read of the play.
  • Actors are slowly trickling in, praising the ground Alex Samuels walks on and eating eggs, bagels & fruit.  Also coffee.  They are also eyeing the director/writer combos to see if they can spot the "lucky" plays.  They make silent offers to the 14/48 gods but they pretend not to ... because the gods are beautifully dangerous, true and unyielding.
  • The producing team is running around and reminding people that the black cans are for trash, and the yellow ones are for recycling.  No one will remember.
  • The band is still asleep.
  • The designers are chomping at the bit, but won't have anything concrete for at least another hour.  This makes them crazy.
  • The gods are eating grapes or something and taking stock.  Who needs what today?
  • I am at work, procrastinating.  I am nowhere near 14/48, more's the pity for me.  How do I know all this?  I just know.

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