Thursday, January 14, 2010

Virgewatch: Alex Samuels

Alex recalls a conversation with Shawn Belyea at the end of his virgin weekend as an actor in 14/48, during which Shawn, apparently forgetting that Alex was also a virgin actor, said; "Troy Fischnaller was definitely the best virgin this weekend!" Ouch. Sorry, Alex. Of course, I know that the reason Shawn said this was because I played the manager of a pirate-themed fast food restaurant (I believe Alex played the disgruntled customer). I had a peg leg that changed sides depending on which direction I moved. Ahhh, 14/48.

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Anthony said...

You were pretty good that weekend, Troy. I think that was the weekend you completely rewrote the two-person Wayne Rawley play that I directed, twice! Once at 8:00 then again at 10:30. Solid virgin work, just don't ask Ingrid Ingerson to corroborate that statement.