Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tonight's Mazen Award Winner.

Mik Kuhlman.  Actor and director.  She is one of three American aritsts going to Israel & Palestine on a goodwill tour.

She is the first Mazen Award winner to drink from the bottle of Glenlivet before giving the speech.

'I was at Seattle Mime Theatre in November 1997 and rented to 14/48.  I participated the next time and did the 8pm show.  It was fun and I was done.  I was getting dressed and getting ready to leave.  I heard the rest of the folks coming in saying "Oh, I can't wait to cathc the 10:30 show!"  I really can't believe that was how I learned there was a 10:30 show.

And I invite the band to take the first shots with me.  You guys are amazing." (LOUD APPLAUSE).

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