Saturday, January 9, 2010

Soul Mates

The director/writer couples for day two of the new decade, of the new millenium...

Opal Peachey - Maggie Lee - PLAY 1 - 2M, 2W
Nicole Boyer Cochran - Celene Ramadan - PLAY 2 - 2M, 1W
Carol Roscoe - Scot Augustson - PLAY 3 - 2M, 0W
Tami Doyle - Elizabeth Heffron - PLAY 4 - 3M, 2W
Tyrone Brown - Joy McCullough-Carranza - PLAY 5 - 2M, 1W
John Farrage - Dawson Nichols - PLAY 6 - 3M, 3W
Erin Kraft - Paul Mullin - PLAY 7 - 2M, 2W

Day 2 is upon us... this is the action in the staff room as of 9:07...
* No actors or band members... unless they are passed out in a dressing room
* The designers are huddled in the back corner table... the pressure is on Banton Foster to top his freakishly large claws from last night
* Alex Samuels is busy getting the breakfast spread prepared... and, no doubt, ready to butt heads with me... this is going to be a long day
* The directors are all reading thru their plays
* I'm about to get a cup of coffee and complain that I can't smoke in the space because that's what press folk do... they smoke

Here's a special shout out to my friend, and 14/48 vet, SAM HAGEN! Reach for the stars Sam, pull them down, grind them into a fine powder and sprinkle it over your favorite foods for a little extra zest!

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