Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review Recap

Not only was this the highest-attended 14/48 ever, we got some suh-weet press.  Not just the "...really good..." or "...neat..." quotes where the sentences read "14/48 could have been really good" or "It would have been neat if 14/48 had been really good."  Ch-check it!

"If you've never been, you should go. If you have been, you should consider going again. 14/48 is a brilliant exercise in the essentials of theatre" - The SunBreak 

"And, God fucking damn, did I ever enjoy 14/48." - The Stranger

"This is my first time seeing 14/48 at ACT Theatre and it was awesome! The writing was terrific, the acting sublime...the entire event has risen in creative and professional standards to a 10. Fabulous!" - Goldstar.com

And just 'cause you can't just say "hm.." when you read this guy, 1st weekend Paul Mullin and his comments and 14/48, Seattle and theatre as a whole:  Go get 'em, Paul.

See you in 72 hours.

Andy J

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