Saturday, January 9, 2010


SLOOP: You were a virgin this past summer. How does it feel with this time around with the experience under your belt?

LOU: Less of the excited anticipation. A little more dread because I know what it entails. It's fun, but exhausting. I have second day melange.

SLOOP: If you could see anything tonight based on the them 'The Life You Knew"...

LOU: That was my theme!

SLOOP: Oh... you know you get free tickets for that.

LOU: I know that's how Sam (Hagen) is coming tonight.

SLOOP: Great... back to my question... what would you like to see tonight?

LOU: More comedy. Last night was really good, but no more crying. And I don't want Ryan Higgins to rub against me during the curtain call.

SLOOP: Thanks for your time, Lou! And thanks for putting up with the antics of Ryan Higgins.

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