Friday, January 8, 2010

Phish is in the building...

The last thing I was expecting when walking into the theatre was to relive seeing Phish at Alpine Valley in 1999... but that's exactly what happened. Basil Harris had this incredible group jamming. Stringing together some mesmerizing beats. After about thirty minutes and a dozen hippies wandering in and setting up blankets in the aisles later, the sound guy said, "How does that sound?"
This put an end to the jam sessions and the band proceeded to jump into a rendition of Blackbird. Who doesn't love the song Blackbird? Raise your hands.
Also, an update on our virgin band member Shawnmarie Stanton - she was blasting on the saxophone during the jamboree. Doesn't look like she's having any trouble adjusting to this lifestyle.
After getting the hippies out of the aisles and hearing Basil saying to the sound guy, "Can we get less funk," I left the theatre... I left the theatre a better person... and craving some brownies.

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