Saturday, January 9, 2010


If you're sitting at home reading this, get your coat on and get up to ACT for the 10:30 performance of 14/48. I just stood witness to one of the best halves of 14/48... absolutely incredible!
If you're opting to stay in, this is what you're missing...
* Carol Roscoe (DIRECTOR) and Scot Augustson (WRITER) pairing up again and (again) knocking it out of the ball park. Not to mention a pair of very sweet performances by Troy Lund and Daniel Arreola. Oh, and to James Frounfelter for creating an absolutely realistic camp fire.
* Show one, by Maggie Lee and directed by the brilliant Opal Peachey, is just the kind of show to kick off a 14/48! Shawnmarie Stanton playing saxophone as the underscore and kudos to the cast of John Q Smith, Angela DiMarco, Colleen Robertson and Rob Burgess for such incredibly strong takes on each individual character in the show!
* Put Brandon Whitehead on a stage by himself and you have gold. Put Lisa Viertel next to him and you have gold lying in a pile of diamonds. Throw a little Bama Katt in there as well and it's really hard to go wrong. Also, another great show for Celene Ramadan to tack to the wall and hats off to Nicole Boyer Cochran for finding the perfect tone.
* And closing out the act were the skinning dipping-Grateful Dead loving-cocaine sniffing, roach smoking family down the street. Mark Boeker, Charles Smith, Therese Diekhans and Amy Love took on this free spirited crew with the best of them and Rob Jones was perfect as the conservative-"Nazis" horse trainer neighbor. Mazen-winner Elizabeth Heffron slammed home the act and Tammi Doyle brought this eccentric crew of characters to life in such a delicious way... and by delicious I mean brownies made with mood altering substances.


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