Friday, January 8, 2010

Floor 7 Lounge

Just moved my home base from the basement to the 7th floor. Couldn't handle the barrage of insults from Alex Samuels... hopefully he won't find me here.

Erin Kraft and her crew of Ryan Higgins, Brandon Whitehead and Troy Lund are currently on break. What I witnessed during their previous run:
* hilarity
* a massive deer head looming over their process... a 'spirit guide' you might say... EK agrees
* EK watched her pet from the stairs
* there was a trumpet sound
* something about crawling into pods and having heads eaten
* Erin's direction for Ryan Higgins, "If you could do a girly little..." (then demonstrates a wave)... don't worry Erin, Higgins shouldn't have a problem with this
* includes a "scary cue"... I can only imagine a Ryan Higgins singing... that would be downright terrifying

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