Friday, January 8, 2010

The First Read: Monique Does the Math

I've decided to sit in on the first read of play #7: Monique Does the Math written by Elizabeth Heffron, directed by Tammi Doyle, featuring the talents of Angela DiMarco, Colleen Robertson, Michael Katt, Alex Garnett, & Amy Love.

As usual with these first reads at 14/48 the director is switching it up quite a bit, having each actor read for nearly every part. As I write, Tammi and Elizabeth are discussing who they'd like to cast in which role. This is, as Aimee Bruneau told me last festival, the "most important decision" a director will make. This decision is all the more important and all the more challenging at 14/48 where the company of actors for each play are selected randomly.

A real estate agent, a couple of first-time homebuyers, two wall-street big wigs... Angela, Colleen, Michael, Alex, and Amy... who will play what? For the answer, come see Monique Does the Math tonight at 8pm or 10:30pm at the Gregory Falls Theatre at ACT!

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