Thursday, January 14, 2010

Artist Deep Thoughts

this is the part where each discipline has a bullet point screen for tips & techniques:

Writers:  The more of your words you would like to hear, the less you should write.  Marcy Rodenborne had great advice that writers in future festival should read & abide by:  "Non-linear = less."  Actors have a hard enough time memorizing lines in 5 hours.  Give 'em weird shit to memorize, you will hear weird shit that you didn't write.

Directors:  Tim Hyland said: "You decide the day.  If you make it easy and fun, it will be easy and fun." 
"Make a big, clear, strong choice and stick to it."

Actors: "Learn your fuckin' lines."
"Give yourself a break.  Demand it of your director."
Deb Fialkow says:  "You may get cast as someone you would never get cast as in the real world.  Take advantage of it.  You will never get to play these characters again."

Band:  I'm no musician and I'm always F-in' amazed at what the band can do.  Here are the Band Deep Thoughts.

"I don't care how groovy the groove you're on is, cover the scene change, when it's set, stop playing."

"The band is the only group who actually work for the entire (ENTIRE) show.  Respect them.  They will respect you."

Designers:  Scene changes should be shorter than the play.  You only have until tech.  Be specific with the directors at the start of the day, this may be the only time you speak with them until tech.

Miscellaneous:  STAY HYDRATED!  EAT! 

The Band and Designers make 14/48 the dozens of steps above other Speed Theatre festivals.  Love them.

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