Friday, January 10, 2014

The Best Part of Being a Playwright

While directors are silently, intently reading their scripts, the playwrights gather and wait.  I ask Scot Augustson, Maggie Lee, and Josef Krebs if this is the worst part of the process, but they unanimously agree that it's actually the best.  I'm not sure if they mean that there's a clear line for coffee and donuts, but there's a definite satisfaction...sleep is on the horizon and they get to eavesdrop as the designers try to figure out how to handle what they've thrown at them.

Josef admits that he's got a "challenging" prop.  Maggie has a lot of stuff. Scot has let them off easy this time.

The volume rises as directors pair off and approach.  This is starting to get fun. Actor call is in 15 minutes.

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