Friday, January 10, 2014

Morning: 60 Second Interviews

This is Maggie Lee’s 3rd time writing for 14/48.

“I stayed up all night,” she says. “I always promise myself I won’t, and then I do.”

Her tools for staying up all night: “My liter diet coke and a good selection of snacks."

Mae Nguyen, a virgin actor, says she a bit nervous. “This is such a great collaborative process, and I just want to do my part.”

Her reaction to last night: “It was fun hearing as they went through the process of what's to happen. I understand all the pieces: director meets with playwright, the show is cast, rehearsal, then tech…but I usually have weeks to wrap my mind around it. It’s just awesome and amazing to do it on this scale and in this time frame.”

Mae has performed with SIS Productions and also with Pork Filled Players, a long running sketch group. “Short pieces with not a lot rehearsal and high energy? I’ve done that. That’s where I’ve gotten most of my performing experience.”

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