Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Time to Play the Music, It's Time to Light the Lights

Play #6 "Quick Change" (written by MJ Seiber, directed by Andy Jensen)

I hear Andy say, "OK, let's start at 'You know, for a guy with a such tiny dick he comes like a fire hose', OK?"

There is a frog and a pony, guys. And they are puppets.

Andy, "Oh, you know what would be so much easier? Duh, Andy it's a thrust stage."

Lisa Branham, "Yeah, I'm glad my mom isn't gonna see this one."

Sam Hagen, "There's magic in the air."

More puppets. More theatre inside jokes. Were play #6 & #7 written together? Seems like similar themes...

Debating the different dynamics within whineying.

Andy, "And when you nod, just the puppet... You're the vehicle."

Lines: "How can such awful people bring so much joy to little children?" & "That biological clock is ticking so loudly, I'm surprised you can hear anything at all."

Andy, "On the back of your scripts please draw--and it doesn't have to be a frog and a pony--but two eyes and a smile." Drawing on every page commences.

Libby, "So what are they getting into--oh, butterflies, I get it."

Andy, "So, let it go: item--fwap, item--fwap, then 'I totally wanted to lick your tits...'."

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