Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Your Bloggers: John E. Allis

Question 1:
What does the 'E.' stand for? As in, what is your middle name?
J: Everett.
E: That's nice.
J: Thank you.

Question 2:
What do you do in real life?
J: Contractor for a foreclosure rehab company. It's depressing. I fancy myself a kitchen guy.
E: As in a kitchen cook? What types of food?
J: Mexican, gourmet sandwiches, burgers, Thai... hopefully I'll be getting back to that. I had to do an eviction the other day.
E: Was it like a Michael Moore documentary?
J: Yes.

Question 3:
How did you start doing 14/48?
J: I wrote for Seattlest, and met Jose Amador who asked me to do it for the first time last summer.

Question 4:
What's next?/INSERT PLUG!
J: I'm writing an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing for Battle of the Bards at Ghostlight Theatricals, which will perform January 26 and 27.

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