Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Am at War With You

"At War" starts out as a play about togetherness under pressure, with the suggestion that people applying for positions or jockeying for stations need not necessarily resort to coldness, meanness, distance or cruelty. The point is agreed upon by the four women present, who take the risk of reaching out to one another, defying habit and paradigm. When the lone man in the room is not only unaccepting of the idea but callous and attacking to his kind company the play turns to become a poking fun and attack of misogyny. The womens' initial response is to break the man's ipad, then to force him into a chair to subject him to a quartet, the ladies singing Nina Simone's "Four Women" together in a show of solidarity, concluding the play and the show at large.

Good work, team.

See y'all at ten-thirty, folks.

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