Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech #2, Remote Assessment

The first half of the "Remote Assessment" tech run took place in near total darkness to ambient sounds emanating from the band. This seems to be a spelunking play, as there's been so much wrangling of rope in so much darkness.

Director Jose Amador focuses his energies principally on light transitions, but encounters a little trouble in the form of technical difficulties. He bides his time patiently, speaking one-on-one with one actor, then another, then another.

The "Remote Assessment" team manages to hit all of their transitions, but speaks few words and does little in the way of blocking. With their remaining moments they manage to run maybe half a page of dialogue, which leads me to think (though I promise nothing) there might be a bomb-diffusion going down. I''m looking forward to seeing and writing on it at eight.

In other news, Falls Theatre is much more full of people than it was at this time yesterday. Maybe this is an indication that folks are feeling more comfortable in their respective roles? Might stand to reason.

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