Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interview with Another Virgin

Apparently I can't keep myself away from the virgins.


No comment.

Anywho...I got a chance to talk to another 14/48 virgin actor and dear friend, a one Ms. Tracy Leigh.

What's the scariest part of this process?

"Not being in control. Not being able to have a script in my hand before I walk in here. Not being able to have at least a general idea or a kernel of...well I'm gonna fasten on this and have something to work off of. You're just walking in (laughs) And you get handed whatever you get handed and it's scary."

What's the most exciting part?

"Getting to work will all different kinds of people and seeing how fast they come together and work together and support eachother and encourage eachother. That's really really awesome. The family gets bigger, but also gets tighter at the same time. I love that."

What are you doing tonight?

"I'm doing a Sean Nelson piece? Is that right? Yes. Sean Nelson wrote it and Wayne Rawley's directing it and it's has a title..."

I am at war?

"YES! I Am at War With You! I do the actor thing's not in my lines so I don't have to know it. (laughs)"

And what part are you playing?

"I play Jen, one of four women up for a job interview...and a guy. And we're number seven. So I can't drink...for a long time (sad face) That's the sad part of 14/48 is being responsible!"

Well put.

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