Saturday, January 14, 2012

Directors Meet

Three o'clock means the directors' meeting is under way, half hour till tech. In an economical, brass tacks fashion directors are taking turns in order of performance running crew through details pertaining to light, sound, blocking, music, and the kitchen sink. The tomfoolery is at a very low level just now, folks sounding like they're detailing the processes of balancing an equation, not the customary cracking wise.

Word from Nik Perleros, director of the evenings penultimate offering, "For Love and Love Alone," is that his play is tremendously cue- and tech-heavy. For its logistical complexity, "Love Alone," has just been affectionately referred to as "The Beast."

In a few minutes I'll be in the Falls Theatre, beginning the three-and-a-half-hour-long-tech-blog-athon. Expect some thoughts and reflections on the tech run of each show.

The directors' meeting ends with hugs and thanks. Fewer than five hours till show-time.

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