Friday, January 13, 2012

Tech #3, Whirlpool Bath

Most of the tech time for Sean Nelson's "Whirlpool Bath" was been spent in conversation with the band, working two tough cues, dressing the stage, and undressing actors. Dialogue wasn't touched until there was last than ten minutes left, at which point director Wayne Rawley opted to have actors run the play until time expired, "We'll get as far as we get."

I'm tempted to quote (spoil) some of Nelson's gritty dialogue, but I'll exercise some restraint and instead recommend y'all brace yourselves for some delightfully naughty language and behavior that may or may not involve porn professionals.

Time is called and the director exclaims, "Perfect!"

There's a lot of stuff to remove from the stage between this show and the next. We'll give it a once-through and move immediately on to "There Are Three Ravens."

We're on schedule!

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