Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Your Bloggers: Nik Doner

Question 1:
What is your middle name?
N: Elek. 

E: Oh my god. We all have 'E' middle names!
N: It's Hungarian. That's how I roll.

Question 2:
What do you do in real life?
N: I'm an actor and voiceover artist, mainly. I work for a company called Apex Learning, doing voiceover for educational courses and video.

Question 3:
How did you start doing 14/48?
N: I started as an actor two or three years ago. I played Meaghan Arnette's father twice the first weekend. Shawn Belyea invited me, we knew each other from working together at Balagan Theatre.

Question 4:
What's next?/INSERT PLUG!
N: I'll be playing Shockwave in Team of Heroes at Annex Theatre in April. IN TIGHTS!

E: How 14/48 theme appropriate.

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