Saturday, January 14, 2012

It begins!

Good morning starshine....the earth says heeeelllllloooooooo! Howdy campers. It's day 2 of the second weekend of 14/48 and people are slowly filtering into the Bullit at ACT wearing their best concentration faces. Pretty sure it looks the same as a sleepy face...but I digress. Nik Dizzle here to satisfy as much of your behind the scenes 14/48 info as I can muster. Were you here last night? Holy guacamole that was epic! And I'm sure today promises to be...epic-er? Hmm...note to self, find a word more epic than "epic."

And SNAP...I was just handed a list of today's plays by Ms. Megan Ahiers. Tonight's theme? "Special Teams." For your viewing pleasure we gots...

1) "The Queen Anne Justice League" by Louis Broome
directed by Jennifer Jasper

2) "Remote Assessment" by Sooz Stahl
directed by Jose Amador

3) "Have and Have Not (or Cornucopia)" by Nick Stokes
directed by Paul Budratis

4) "Waiting for Chuck Woolery" by Emily Conbere
directed by Erik Van Beuzekom

5) "Universal Corner" by Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom
directed by Stan Shields

6) "For Love and Love Alone" by Josef Krebs
directed by Nik Perleros

7) "I Am at War With You" by Sean Nelson
directed by Wayne Rawley

Wow! Well the titles are freakin' wonderful. Now we just gots to wait for those actor folk to stumble in. For now I'm gonna eat this hard boiled egg and a...cinnamon bagel? Did not know they made those. This day is already FULL of surprises!!!!

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