Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech #7, I Am at War With You

The evening's final play spent most of its rehearsal time working a Nina Simone cover, which was quick to become clean and beautiful with the aide of the 14/48 band. Once the number was sufficiently tooled out, director Wayne Rawley moved to the top of the show and said, "we'll get as far as we can get before time runs out," an approach I've seen employed a few times today.

The phrase "I'm at war with you," seems to refer simultaneously to warring over professional opportunities, and to the "war of the sexes." It features some really snappy dialogue and a compelling premise I'm eager to see in full form.

With that, it's time for dinner and I'm a hungry guy. I'll see y'all tonight, when I'll be live-blogging once again. Brace thyself.

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