Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Queen Anne Justice League

Louis Broome's low-brow take on the vigilante hero just went off seamlessly before an enthusiastic crowd. Having not seen the play in costume in tech I was quite missing out on some handy and hilarious design work. This was worth the wait.

What our five heros (well, four heros and a sidekick) have in common is a sense of strange conviction. What makes them a terrible justice league is that not only are their convictions farcically ridiculous (generally pointless), they don't even agree on them. They spend the show first pontificating about whatever weird thing it is that makes them dress in tights and capes, then quickly arrive at fisticuffs over the incompatibility of their beliefs. It all plays out as if in a raunchy, irreverent, seattle-based comic book.

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spelright said...

Anyone who has ever been to a community meeting can only recognize the archetypes here. Funnnnney!!! The plaintive urgings of serious, the urgently pious, the turgid sanctimonious. Who has not wished they could use some of the language here as a community meeting!