Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech #3, Have and Have Not (or Cornucopia)

Director Paul Budraitis didn't mince words as his tech began, "We're running it all the way through from the top!" He must've communicated thoroughly with the light crew prior, as cues are coming up with general precision, apparently without much trouble. Just little tweaks. He's the most vocal director of the weekend, by my current estimation.

I could tell this was a Nick Stokes play with the first line of dialogue, what I've seen of it something like a fourth-wall-breaking marriage of Mr. Stokes play from last night, "Hold," and "Waiting for Godot." If "Hold" is a contemplation of the concept of holding, this is a contemplation of the concept of having.

"Have and Have Not" abandons its initial "run it all the way through" idea for tech, opting rather to focus on dialing in transitions, which are looking lovely. Really a pretty play in the ways of both words and images, to the credit of both the writer and director. This is really gearing up to be a great night of short plays (even if stress levels may be spiking at the moment--this is the point in the day when that always happens).

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