Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech #6, For Love and Love Alone

Our "beast of a show" began tech rather late, the bane of having a ton of props and people to manage. This translated to an initial degree of dysfunction in tech, people talking over and interrupting one another, so many questions and concerns needing to be addressed. Hopefully the ambitiousness of the show pays dividends. It really might.

"For Love and Love Alone" is a James Bond-verses-evil-style action/adventure spectacle, replete with military lingo, miscellaneous foreign accents, techie gadgets, nuclear bombs, the works. As tech winds down actors and director seem much, much more at ease, bolstered by having gotten good work done fast.

"That's time!" says our stage-manager as the ensemble wraps tech rehearsal. "You guys are my heros, nicely done!"

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