Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech: High #5, Dude!

Ahh, good ole crazy lights. Takes me back to my raver days of yore. The Sunshine Kid they called me. No...(sigh) no they didn't, and I BEGGED them to!

Tech for show #5 "Universal Corner" by Pattie Miles Van Beauzekom and directed by Mr. Stan Shields is all about figuring out the lights. It's the 2-hander for this performance. 2 dudes.

That's a tall order. 2 person shows at 14/48 are kind of a head ache for the actors. A lot of times, the line load is WAY more than a regular multiple person piece. But Scott Nollette and Brandon Felker look like they're gonna rock it.

Go dudes, go!

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