Saturday, January 14, 2012

Special Teams: First Impressions

Show #1) The Queen Anne Justice League
Design talk. Heather Gautschi does not understand what a Snuggie is. 
Amy Lazerte says, "It’s like a cape!"
Topic changes to genitals.
Amy: "I’m thinking softballs in pantyhose."
Jennifer Jasper makes swinging testicular motion. 
Amy: "giant penis costume from Open Circle theater-- Who has it? Where is it? Does anyone know?"

Show #2) Remote Assessment
Much discussion of dangerous aerial tactics.
Jose Amador: "let’s take it from the beginning, with you guys repelling in."
Someone mentions base-jumping. 
Jose changes the script: “let’s say spelunking instead of hiking.” 
Amy Hill: "uh. Okay."

Show #3) Have and Have Not (or Cornucopia)
A strange, pause-filled practice featuring fruit.
Dave Clapper: "The audience doesn’t have to see his precious, ever. "
Paul Budraitis: "it’s true. It’s true. There’s this special banana place. A place we all wish we were, all of the time. "
Dave Clapper: “You just gave her your banana.” 
Jill Snyder-Marr asks Paul, “Do I drop the banana or chomp on it or what?”

Show #4) Waiting for the Dating Game
Erik Van Beuzekom says, “It’s just a rhythm thing. Pause here, pause here, pause here. Then we’ll come to the choreography.” 
Teri Lazarra steals scene, breaks out of character, then shouts, "Double underpantser, super gay!" 
Teri: "I want to wear the balls, I want some balls. Just to rehearse with." 
Erik: "can we talk to costumer about getting some balls? Lets have balls for our choreography... we might need two pairs."

Show #5) Universal Corner
A sexy intimate rehearsal,  which is running ahead of schedule. Two gay guys! One an oncologist! 
Brandon Felker: "Why did last night feel like half an hour?" 
Stan Shields: "Because you had twice as many lines." 
Script mentions drugs, cocaine, custody battles, workaholics...

Show #6) For Love and Love Alone
Blocking is a bit scattered. Nik Perleros has a gun and is using it to direct the actors to their spots. He spins it around a few times, showing off some gun tricks.
Nik to cast: "Follow the ninja." I suspect Zoey Belyea to be said ninja. 

Show #7) I Am at War With You
Nina Simone is playing and the ladies sing along. Wayne Rawling is not in the room. Corey McDaniel walks in, sits down, gets up, walks out. 
Ladies rehearse song longer. Is there text? 
Deniece Bleha: "I didn’t know I’d be singing today." She laughs sadly. 
Wayne and Corey re-enter.

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