Friday, January 13, 2012

Tech #4, There Are Three Ravens

Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom's tremendously creepy "There Are Three Ravens" is now in rehearsal, giving goosebumps. Under Stan Shield's capable auspices, this discomfiting play is a psychological probe in the key of Poe. Having not yet seen all of the show I deduce that it's a tale of cruelty, manipulation, and evil. More disturbingly, it's evil offset by apparent innocence and purity. The world of this drama seems to be stuck somewhere between our familiar plane of reality and one darker, one more corrupt.

Another deduction: When folks were speaking earlier of David Lynch and Twin Peaks, I wager this is the piece to which they were referring. "Three Ravens" could be set within the Black Lodge.

To my delight I got to make myself a little useful to this play, to volunteer my baseball cap to them. I feel like a little boy helping his mother stir the cake mix. An honor.

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