Friday, January 13, 2012

Tech #5, Hold

I can't believe we're teching our fifth play already. To think this large theater will be full of patrons in just a few hours is unbelievable, a real testament to the endurance and prowess of these hard-working collaborators. Based on all the hype I'm hearing about this evening's sunset I might be concerned I'm missing out on something, typing here in this dark theater. I don't feel that way.

Nick Stokes' "Hold" is up to bat. With just ten minutes remaining for the ensemble to tech they've yet to run dialogue, opting to focus mostly on discussing transitions and cues with the band and crew abstractly.

Speaking of abstract, "Hold" is. It's seemingly a kind of creation story, someone representing the cosmos, someone the sky, so on. The language is very poetic and sonorous, commanding the attention of the ear. What Stokes described earlier as "weird" may indeed be so, but the playwright may have neglected to say "ambitions," or "thought-provoking" or "metaphysical."

We have a lot of favors on the buffet table tonight, a little of everything. Can't beat that.

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