Saturday, January 7, 2012


OK, gonna have a Carl Sander moment here.

Evocation; to conjure a spirit or ghost.

14/48 has such a history now that whenever this process happens it is more then just creating theatre. It is more then just working hard on something for 12 hours. It is more then just unveiling a drama or staging an idea.

It is an evocation. A summons to all that have come before and and to all the greatness that we can become. We salute this craft of theatre. We rise up from the mundane and pedestrian and attempt to shake hands and mingle with weight and cares of treasure chests inside our souls. We unlock the hymns and jump from cloud to cloud for that brief instance of time that our evocations allow. Sometimes we fall short. Sometimes we only briefly leap. But sometimes we soar and when we do, we all bear witness to the collective greatness that lies within us all.

It is an honor.

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