Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mazen musings

EVB-"How is the second day going?"

Kaleb-"It's pretty good, I'm in another group sex scene."

EVB-"You did great work last night, putting your Kaleb stamp on another character, Kudos to you."

KALEB-"Thank you, tonight might be the first time I just play a regular character. Nothing too over the top on this one, which is a challenge for me."

EVB-Any other thoughts or pieces of wisdom."

Kaleb-"This whole process brings wisdom to you at the most awkward moments, and you think that there is nothing left and it gives you a little seed."


Kaleb-"I'm not even sure what that means, but it's a seed so it's going to grow into something and probably in six months I'll know what that wisdom is and what I took from this weekend."

Thank you Kaleb. You always make us smile in big moments and small. Congrats on your Mazen and please continue to grace us with your tiny seeds that grow into large trees of amusement and shelter.

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