Thursday, January 9, 2014

VISUAL Artists in the Festival

This year, as 14/48 artists broke off into their various clusters actors, writers, directors, and the band— there was a new group forming around Communications Director Jim Jewell. Within the next 24 hours, 7 visual artists will be creating art around the theme: You May Just Be The One.

Karen Sandy said she's not too worried about completing her piece by the deadline: "When I get inspiration I draw pretty quickly, and when they said the theme I immediately got an idea...It was like God just struck me." She laughed and added, "I say that because God may be featured here..." and gestured to her canvas. 

Each artist ended up with a different canvas or piece of wood on which to creatively interpret the theme. They had no idea what shape or size material they would be taking home tonight. 

As a wood carver, sculptor and painter, Bob Antone examined the sheets of wood he'd just been given and saw a number of possibilities. 

Meanwhile, Joseph Lavely usually creates paintings on a large scale. He thinks that whatever he creates on his 11 by 6 canvas will be the smallest painting that he's ever made.

Aaron Morgan said he is used to really tight deadlines for his art, and it feels like a luxury to have so much time between now and when the pieces will be unveiled at 7pm tomorrow night. 

Overall, the energy among the visual artists was excited! It will be so much fun to see what they create. 

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