Friday, January 6, 2012

Three questions with Renata Friedman

EVB-"So how is your day going?"


EVB-"You have a two person show, which is probably freaky or a bit frustrating....."

RF-"Yes, last night when they said there was a two person show I immediately said no and prayed that I wouldn't get that and that is exactly what happened."

EVB-"It's funny how that happens."

RF-"That's the 14/48 tradition."

EVB-"What else, how does this appeal to you, is 14/48 something that you would do again?"

RF-"Absolutely, and I love the abject horror that you have to put yourself in, I'm excited, they have asked me to do it a couple of times before and I just haven't been able to but now I finally can."

EVB-"What does your 2012 look like?"

RF-"I leave in a week to go down to Berkeley to do 'A Doctor in Spite of Himself.' We did that at the intiman last year. I'll be there til March and then auditions come up and so hopefully I'll have something for the fall."

EVB-"Good luck, have a good show."


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