Friday, January 6, 2012

Rehearsal Check In: #4 The Procedure by Celene Ramadan

The group is taking a break as I walk in. Alex Samuels approaches director Jaime Roberts and asks about getting a special "big rip" sound effect from the band -- something she hadn't thought of yet. She's enthusiastic about what it could add to the piece.

Alex Samuels then asks if he could pull Sarah Mountjoy-Pepka aside for a moment. "OOOOOOOOH, you're in trouble!" goes the rest of the group, but really, I'm sure it's because there's a blogger present that this conversation isn't happening in public. Oll's Korrekt, however, and the two rejoin the group as if things are settled. (Alex was basically making sure that some business wasn't crossing a boundary with Sarah, a courtesy that's necessary when working in such close and rushed proximity.)

The majority of the cast gets up to go back over some blocking as Sarah and Rhonda Soikowski talk about the point where an article of clothing has too much spandex before it could still be considered as pants.

Then the group trades 14/48 virgin stories...Alex talks about being in a Wayne Rawley piece about a D&D group where no one in the cast knew what an "8-sided die" meant. Apparently Mark Boeker, playing a dungeon master, got away with hiding his script in the master book. Sarah retorted with her virgin experience: Scotto Moore's two hander from last winter and getting tripped up on the techno-jargon.

As I get up to leave the group begins rehearsing in earnest.

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