Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tech Show #2 Desperately Seeking Rita by Stephanie Timm

It takes a little longer to get through the end of show #1 than expected, but soon we arrive at the transition to Stephanie's piece, which is marred only by some awkwardness surrounding the railing. This is quickly worked out and we move on.

Ryan Higgins is on stage wearing a sign reading "bartender." A shabbily dressed Keith Dahlgren sighs and moans as he walks up to the bar and the band plays some noir appropriate music. Carter Rodriguez, equally shabbily dressed, but with a 10-gallon hat, sighs and moans and walks to the bar. Bobby get the idea. They all call out for Rita.

Pause, the director talks with the band, the actors pose provocatively on stage.

The next transition comes up. Sign now says "Flight Attendant", the stage is now an airplane.

We seem to be just hitting transitions, whereas yesterday we got full runs of the show. My going in blind is not paying off now, but tonight's performances will be a total surprise. Silver linings.

Here's a rather specific question: Have you seen three scantily dressed men jiggling around pretending they're in an airplane and experiencing turbulence? Me, not before today.

Skydiving, trainjumping, carjacking and we're running behind a bit. We gotta move on, but there's one last cue to run...That's a novel use of a rubber glove, it must be said.

Moving on.

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