Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tech Show #1 The Lighthouse Keeper by Juliet Waller-Pruzan

About to head into tech and I'm going into it blind, which is a first. I think it's this blank slate quality that allows me to overhear the lighting designer talk about a new tradition he's created just now involving writing cues for show #7 before tech begins. It sounds like a superstition to me, but what's semantics at this point of the day? Boring, that's what. Moving on.

Top of tech involves making sure the placement of the railing used in Juliet's piece is in the proper place. Tim Hyland walks through with August in tow, just a random evocation of 14/48's past wandering through.

Amy Poisson talks with the band about a specific cue at the top of the piece, making sure it's known that everything starts in black out and to wait for the band's fanfare before moving on. Some adjustments are made, and the cue is rehearsed a couple times.

Things are moving a little slower today, as opposed to yesterday's energetic focus...This might become an issue as groups start running out of time. Just finished with this observation when Miranda calls out "four minutes!" A flashback transition is rehearsed a couple more times.

Paul Mullin adjusts Allison Standley's hands on his shoulders before climbing up the audience stairs.

And time runs out.

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