Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stuff Needs to Be Gotten

There was some important band groupie stuff to do today, creating times where there was less lazing in my liaising.

I helped to secure things you'd expect a band to need - a washboard, 'cause it's a cool instrument, and this band is that cool.

There has also been a request for a large lollipop. I don't know why they need it, but it's alluring. So I procured it.

Most important, though, two band members - who shall remain nameless - needed pillows. For their sore butts. What kind of liaison would I be if I didn't help in their time of need? So they will have pillows.

But this stuff - as important as it is to band members' rears - pales in comparison to the vast quantities of objects the 14/48 design team is asked to procure. This morning, I sat in for a minute on their design meeting as they reported directors' desires and quickly assessed what could be borrowed, what would be built, what needed to be purchased and what would be deemed impossible. Fortunately for us all - there's not much in that last category.

So let us all honor the super-fabulous design/production heroes of 14/48 - because stuff needs to be gotten!

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