Saturday, January 7, 2012

14/48 Makes you Smarter!

Alert from an important Multi-Liaison meeting (me, the Band Liaison, in a summit with the weekend's Artist Liaisons, Shawn Belyea & Peter Dylan O'Connor):

People's names can be vowel landmines.

PDO is upset about the vowel switcheroo that took place in MJ Sieber's name in the program last night. He apologizes here, publicly.

I relayed that "i before e except after c" could have helped him there.

Shawn, the clever mnemonic devicer, rolled out more of this grammar guide than I'd ever heard, and I find it essential to share it here:

"i before e except after c, with the following exceptions: neither leisurely caffeined financier, or when it sounds like 'a' as in neighbor and sleigh."

Awesomeness, right? I love me some words, and I have never before had the pleasure of thinking about those financiers!

Why we didn't talk about the vowel difficulty of "liaison" I'll never know. That will clearly be the first item on the agenda in the next Multi-Liaison meeting.

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