Friday, January 6, 2012

Rehearsal Check In: #3 The Descent by Eric Lane Barnes

Director Kate Jaeger is adorable. It's true. To prove this, she puzzles out stage directions using the old old trick of making 'L's with her hands and muttering, "the opposite of left -- Go Stage Right."

For the record, it seems that Kate, as a director, has found the companion piece to the old chalkboard penis image she was once involved in, the pictorial evidence of which is included below.

Now, the group has a brief discussion regarding the decision to walk through the audience or not, and then the rehearsal begins.

A group of men spelunking toward the unknown. One of them appropriates AC/DC and intones "here I am!/Spelunkin' like a hurricane!" then exchanges a fairly douchy high five with another of the men.

Bobby Temple is laying on stage during all of this, and I lean over and ask Kate if he's doing what I suspect he's doing. I am right. Of course Bobby is playing one of those.


Yar she Blows said...

That is sick.

Dante said...

I am a woman of many talents ELB... If you look closely you can see that I spiked the height of Kate's mouth before I started drawing... I also LOVE how pregnate Kerri Brown Wooster is in this photo