Friday, January 6, 2012

Director's Meeting

Starting 5 min late, as per the usual. Miranda running things like a champ.

From Michael: "You don't wanna get on Miranda's bad side"

Show 1:
From Miranda: "You're late and you're mean!" and "You're concerned about your egg, you know"
There is a snow machine(!)
From Amy: "I need something to hide the egg on the bar."

Show 2:
From Meghan: "Fairly discrete and deep boxes"
Tim comments, "Someone has to come in a box?"

Show 3:
From Kate: "You don't have to do shit for me" & "They can exit wherever the fuck you want them to"

Show 4:
From Jaime: "We need to hide the muff. And I kinda need that muff STAT"
From Miranda: "We will figure out something brilliant in tech"
Tim comments, "That's not hair gel--EW!"

Show 5: 
From Rob: "We've got the chocolate syrup and hostess cakes in one vom" & "Then there's the mess at the end"

Show 6: 
From Andy: "Show 6: the quiet show!"

Show 7: 
From Miranda: "I have a pink one in my car. You can spray paint it black."
From Tim: "I think we need a prop cake" & "Cake box is not the same as cake"
From Miranda: "So, like, literal cake and literal watermelon?"
From Tim: "I'll help clean it up, too"
From Miranda: "Well, that's gonna take up your whole tech."

And we end on, "Ha-cha!"

Gary says: "The Russians and Spelunkers are sharing a backpack"

Miranda: "First tech starts in 4 minutes!"

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