Friday, January 13, 2012

Look But Don't Touch: First Impressions

I got here about two hours ago and decided to check in with all of the shows.
This is what happened:

#1) How Barbara Bush Rescues America
Design talk, mostly about Sarah Palin's hair.
"What about a bump?" There is enthusiasm.
"Sarah Palin gets the bump." Everyone nods.
Cole Hornaday chirps in, "She should look like George Washington."

#2) The Feast
Group discusses set possibilities. "Let's get that stool ASAP." No one makes poop joke.
A pellet gun is whipped out. Trigger is pulled repetitively.
Ryan Spickard: "This is cool because I'm a boy!"
Heather Gautschi mentions Minority Report.
Nik Perleros: "I wanna make sure you guys don't look like assholes."

#3) Whirlpool Bath
Costumer to an actor: "What do your knickers look like?"
"Boxers." Costumer is displeased.
Wayne Rawley: "Going au naturel is totally another option as well." Wayne makes pantsing gesture.
Actor is praised for 'totally going there.'
Decision is made: briefs. Someone else's briefs.

#4) There Are Three Ravens
Nothing is happening.
Mark Fullerton is chatting with Norah Elges about living in Boston. 
Teri Lazzara shoots me annoyed look. I wink.
Boston conversation continues.

#5) Hold
Rehearsal is Greek and fucking serious. Lots of gestures and stomping. 
Dialogue describes sunshine and mysterious 'gifts.'
Something about black holes, followed by "boxes aren't for contemplation."
"The band will be playing something rhythmic and thunderous," says Erik Van Beuzekom. "Just pound along to it."

#6) The Fourth Wall Kid
Keira McDonald and Jennifer Jasper are waiting for Brandon Felker to return from bathroom.
Conversation quickly turns to sexual harassment.
Keira hops onto dressing room counter on all fours. Jennifer gets behind her and demonstrates creepy-boss-groping behavior.
Keira hops off. "Sexual harassment was totally fine back in the day."
Brandon returns from bathroom.

#7) There Are at Least Two Lukes at Ballard High School
[before entering rehearsal room] Meaghan Darling: "there is only one realistic play and Paul Budraitis got it." She cackles.
[in rehearsal room] Shane Regan is on floor, yawning.
Paul: "Is he really doing that or is he in character?"
Paul blocks Shane to sit on cube. Shane takes out cell phone.
Paul: "Are you actually using that phone right now?"
Shane: "yes." There is tension.

More after the lunch break...

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