Friday, January 13, 2012


The alarm went off as everyone was sucking down lunch. No one moved for about ten minutes until Peter Dylan O'Connor screamed "EVACUATE THE BUILDING!"
Another five minutes went by before everyone slowly got up, grabbed their coats and snacks, and waddled out into the fucking freezing cold.
The fire trucks came and it was all super exciting, except no one noticed because they were all busy continuing business via their phones. Someone shouted, "WHO WAS LOOKING FOR THAT CORSET?" over the sirens.
Then the trucks left, the crowd ambled back in, and 14/48 went on. 

As for the cause? I am not sure what it was that set off the alarm....  though I did hear a rumor about smoky sandwiches in the kitchen.

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Dave Baldwin said...

Oh my god. I feel for the poor lighting designer crapping his/her pants cause they still have 30 cues to write before 3:30. I would have ignored it ; )